Monday, August 20, 2012

La Jolla sale for St James

I haven't been to La Jolla in many years and boy has it changed! The Gap is everywhere. My husband Lance came down to help and we explored on Fri. We couldn't imagine where all the young people had come from-then UC San Diego came to mind. La Jolla used to be a sleepy retreat-not any more.
The weather was very warm and it was an outside show so Jane turned bright red. I am just beginning to return to my normal skin tone. I think this will be my last outside show. I need air, cool air!
St James has a beautiful gift shop with folk art from around the world. If you are in the area be sure to stop by.The show went very well for me. Thank you to all the nice people who purchased jewelry from me. I know that you will all love your Mexican silver. Thanks to Alex for coming up from Ensenada to help with sales. We are the dynamic duo.

I have just returned from a long weekend at my home in Baja. Warm for Bajamar but beautiful.  Going back for labor day weekend. Then it is off to Taxco for silver shopping. I will do my very best to bring back some new and quite fabulous designs. I hope you are all enjoying your summer-try to stay cool and stay connected with your friends and family. Juanita