Monday, July 29, 2013

July 2013 Gift Show

Whew!!!! The July Gift Show is over! And a very sucessful show it was. For the first time we had 4 people working at one time. My sincere thanks to Alex ( my right hand and more), Linda ( our newest  recruit-she is so easy to work with), Lance Bird (grandson extraordinaire-credit card guru and all round great help) and Elizabeth ( my daughter who came on Sun with sandwiches from Phillipes and stayed to work.) Behind the scenes are my husband Lance who helps us move in, set up and tear down. When he isn't a teamster he is an architect who is very busy. Yoal (Alex's friend also helped with set up etc.)  I would not be able to do this show without all this support. I hope you all know that and I love you all.
Now on to my clients! You are all so much fun, so loyal and patient.I know sometimes you have to wait for help and our credit card machine gave us fits but I hope it was worth it. I am so happy with the size of our booth and with 20' of showcases you can all look while you are waiting.  I want you to know I am working almost every day to bring you great silver at good prices. I will be off to Taxco before the next show so there will be lots of new pieces.

Bonita with her new necklace
Ladies from La Quinta

Alia with me

The next show is a New one
 Los Angeles Christmas Cash and Carry Show
 LA Convention Center-Kentia Hall
 Booth 330-332-my usual booths
 Nov. 8-10, 2013
I hope you will join us in this new venture with Urban Expos-A great time to fill in your stock for the holidays. I promise to have some great stocking stuffers for your stores!
Thanks again to Lance who did all the work getting me my new sign-next show I think we will have 2 of them . He is a great photographer and I do appreciate all his help. Also a second thank you to grandson Lance who helps me with this blog. You are the best!
Please let me know if you need more silver or milagro art. I am just an email or a phone call away 626-799-2233.
Have a great summer-remember to have some fun-Love, Jane