Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Coming Up!

My next show is at the Palos Verdes Art Center -April 12-13. This is a home tour show with a luncheon at the newly renovated art center. There is an exhibition of Plein Air paintings in the center. Design Imports will be one of four vendors in the patio where the luncheon is served. I have done this show for many years-maybe 15? I look forward to seeing my friends innPalos Verdes and if you love home tours and Cali. Plein air paintings you can buy tickets on their website.

April 19-21 I will be in Del Mar at the Del Mar Antiques and Collectables show at the fairgrounds. I will be in booth 406 (a nice big booth) and would love to see my San Diego friends.The show is a little of this and that and I enjoyed it when I did it a year ago and I hope to make this a regular show.The show is from 11-7 so you will have plenty of time in the morning to drive down or do errands and have fun in the afternoon. They have all kind of food trucks at the venue-ever tried fried artichokes-yun!

Hope to see you at one of these shows but remember -If I am home I am working -so feel free to call and come by if you want to shop.  Jane

ASD. Las Vegas March 2013

Have you ever gone somewhere and not gone outside for 6 days? Welcome to ASD Las Vegas-3,500 vendors! I drove from Pasadena to Las Vegas with my new assistant Lisa. We spent Fri. night with my brother and sister in law Bob and Flo Bird. We had a delicious corned beef dinner and enjoyed a restful afternoon and evening. The calm before the storm! We arrived at the Sands Expo by 10 and spent Sat setting up our booth and checking into the hotel. We stayed at The Venetian which is attached to the Expo center. The suites were beautiful and very large for one person. The show ran for 4 days and we didn't leave the buildings until we checked out and headed home on Thursday. We figured it was 1mile from our room to the expo and we never saw daylight. A different world! The Expo was busy -my credit card machine gave me fits-and I came away with the realization that I don't want to be gone so long away from Pasadena and home. I met a very interesting woman from Albuquerque (Marsha Heyman) who I believe will be a good friend and client. Adios Las Vegas I won't return. I need sunlight. Thanks to Lisa who worked really hard and who will be joining Alex as a regular assistant.
Welcome, Lisa!