Monday, October 8, 2012

Taxco-the center of Mexican silver design

 I spent a week in mid Sept in Taxco shopping for silver jewelry for my clients and shows in the next year. What I didn't realize was that we were arriving on Mexican Independance Day-their 4th of July! I expected the worst but to my surprise all the silver shops were open for all 3 days.They didn't even close for siesta.The town was packed with visitors and the entertainment in the main square was nonstop for the entire weekend - mariachis, dancers, singers and barking dogs.
We arrived on Fri the 14th and Sat morning was up early for the Sat tianges. The tianges is a huge flea market style sale of silver held every Sat. Many of the vendors produce silver at home but don't have enough money for a store so they can sell at the tianges for free.I have found a few really good vendors like the clip earring man and the family that make fabulous dragonfly pins. I also buy my silver ball necklaces there. It is crowded, hot and exciting. I can only take a few hours of it. A good friend Maria Belen came along and helped with translation. My spanish is ok but when dealing with money you need to be precise especially at the tianges.
I have been going to Taxco for 7 years for fall shopping. It is so nice to see all my favorite vendors and to find new ones -that is the real challenge- finding new sources for this beautiful product. Taxco is a small Colonial village founded in the 1500's and today it still has the old feel-very narrow winding streets, small old buildings and of course the beautiful Cathedral on the square (zocolo).
My husband Lance came along for the first time and he was very helpful and loved Taxco. He carried my bags, took great photos, kept me company at meals and finally got to meet my Taxco friends. Maria Belen has a beautiful store and is one of the few women who are sucessful in a man's business. Her jewelry is maticulously crafted and some of the best designs in Taxco.Every year she has new exciting pieces. This year she has milagro jewelry-earring and pendants. You will love them and they are at a good pricepoint!
I have 8 of the Margot design clamp bracelets, plus many new necklaces and earrings, earrings and more earrings. I shipped back 50lbs of silver jewelry. It is finally all priced and ready for visitors and sales.

I also have a new shipment of milagro crosses that I will pick up in Baja this weekend.

My next show is in San Francisco beginning on Oct 26-28 at the Concouse Exhibition Center. I have a double booth 8613 and 8614. If you are in the area please stop by and see the new silver and art.
I have heard this is a good show so we are now going on the road to show the goods!

Hope to see and hear from my friends and clients, Juanita