Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Boutiques-This week has been really busy! Wednesday I did a show at Santa Anita for the Woman's Auxillary of Huntington Hospital. The best part of the show was that my dear friend Mary came out of retirement to help me and it was so pleasant to work again with her. We saw lots of familiar faces and Christmas shopping was in full force.

The Holiday Look In boutique was Friday and Saturday in San Marino and Wow what a sucess. This is a home tour and boutique to benefit the Pasadena Symphony. We were very busy despite a little rain and loved seeing clients from years past. I have done this show for many years 10 plus and it is always a good show. Alex came up from Ensenada to help and she is such a great help.

Please feel free to call and come by our new condo for some personalized Christmas shopping. I am in town most of the next few weeks and would love to see you.

After Christmas Lance and I are off for a few days to Santa Barbara to celebrate our 50th Anniversary! Can't believe how time flies. We are so grateful for each other, our family and friends.

I wish you all Peace and Love in the New Year! Juanita Pajaro

Christmas at the new condo!
The Nutcrackers are out!
My grandson, Lance, about to ride in the Rose Parade.

It has been a busy fall! For the first time I did a wholesale show in San Francisco. My husband Lance and I drove up with the full car and my right hand Alex flew up from San Diego. We arrived and set up on Thursday and the show was Friday through Sunday. We had a few problems! It was 85 in the city (a rarity) and the SF Giants were in the World Series that weekend. Attendance wasn't great but we learned some important lessons. The drive was too far-so for now we will stay closer to home. We had some nice dinners-Chinatown,  Fishermans Wharf and the Embarcadero and Lance did a lot of sightseeing. I had some great clients and have already had a repeat sale so time will tell if it was a good financial decision. I sold one of my favorite new necklaces - see if you can spot the frog around this ladies neck! I have also included a couple of photos of our booth and the city.