Sunday, June 15, 2014

Yes I am back-feeling good and looking forward to working more. I have a happy heart and hope it will continue to be happy. I have had a couple of shows that I didn't report on and let me just say that I really enjoyed seeing all my friends at the Palos Verdes Art Center Home Tour and had a record show for sales. Thank you all for your support and friendship. I think of you all as my friends after all these years.

Coming up is  The California Gift Show July 18-21
                        Los Angeles Convention Center
                         Kentia Hall Booth 330 and 332
                         Hours are 9-6  and 9-4 on Mon

This will be the last show where I will have a good selection of  Milagro art. It has become too hard to get and I want to concentrate on the silver jewelry from Taxco. You will be very pleased with all the new pieces I have and as always I do my best to bring you great wholesale prices.
I have expanded my copper line and have even done some production of the copper. It is also made in Taxco by the silver craftsmen.
I have a new line of the fancy fillagre earrings that are very beautiful. They are so reflective of the old Spanish influence.

Hope to see you in July, Jane

New Jane Bird Design