Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wow! What a show! Once again the California Gift Show has connected me with so many of my faithful clients. I would like to thank my clients (now friends) for making us feel like we are bringing you the product you want to see. We love being so busy we can't sit down. Thank you Sharon from The Folk Art Gallery, Corrie from Mission San Luis Rey, Paula from Moondancer. There are too many to list and lots of new stores also. Our double booth allows us to see you all and a special thanks to my right hand lady Alex and our new saleswoman Linda.
One of my new animal pieces. 
I am now gearing up for the ASD show in Las Vegas March 17-20 at the Sands Expo Center which is attached to the Venetian Hotel. This is the jewelry cash and carry. The rest of the over 3,000 vendors are at the Las Vegas Convention Center,  We are Booth 755. Please come by and see us if you are at the show. This is my first time at this show so wish me luck.
On Feb 15 I will be going to Baja to pick up more jewelry and art for the March show.
Please check out the photos on my blog. I am adding some new ones-not a website but for now the best I can do. Let me know what you think--Adios, Juanita!
Part of my Asian art collection.
A new animal piece in my collection.